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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Step into Wades World.. Promo Spotlight for Wade Joseph Le Fevre

Snipe Hunt
Carpenter, California is not Los Angeles. It is a much smaller city more inland, with less crime and a smaller population. That doesn't mean it hasn't seen its share of violence. In his time as a homicide detective there, Arthur Nelms has seen things that have caused many sleepless nights. But nothing like the string of animal attacks that begin cropping up just before he is due to retire. Like every other murder he has investigated they have a simple rational explanation.
Until he begins finding evidence that the killer may be all too human...


Terrorizing Jude
Jude is terrified. She lives in a constant state of fear of being home alone. She is so afraid that it is starting to affect her marriage. To overcome her fear she decides to spend a perilous two days alone in her apartment while her husband is at work. Her mind plays endless tricks on her from phantom sneezes to the television turning itself on. But is it all in her imagination? Or is there really something to be afraid of? Something as close as her coat closet?



Claire Correa seems to have it all. She's married to the love of her life, she has two beautiful kids, and they just bought their first house. To Claire it's a dream come true. But in reality nothing is ever as perfect as a dream and the house comes with disappointments. Her neighbors are all old women who have lived in the same houses for decades, she continues to make little headway with her moody, introvert stepdaughter, and to make the house livable they sink every last dollar they have into the place. Claire takes these in stride, knowing their problems are shared by millions of other average Americans. But what these other average American home owners don't share with Claire is a malevolent spirit that already resides in the house when they move in. An ancient evil that wants something from Claire in return for it's hospitality. Will Claire be willing to pay the price and  make the ultimate Covenant?


About the Author

WADE JOSEPH LE FEVRE is a life-long movie lover and an avid reader. He first fell in love with movies as a child during what he refers to as the heyday of genre filmmaking, the 1980’s. A periodic reader at best, he discovered a similar love for the printed word in high school after reading the post-apocalyptic nuclear holocaust novel Z for Zachariah by Robert C. O’Brien. He holds both mediums in high esteem, listing filmmaker John Carpenter and author Richard Matheson equally as artistic inspirations. Born and raised in Southern California, he currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga, where he can usually be found with his nose in a book, waiting for the next showing of a film to start.

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